Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The art of Diplomacy. The wrong end of the stick?

DIPLOMACY: statesmanship, international negotiation, statecraft, tact, artfulness, craft, delicacy, discretion, finesse, savoir-faire, skill, and subtlety.

DIPLOMAT: negotiator, conciliator, go-between, mediator, moderator, politician, public relations expert, tactician.

DIPLOMATIC: tactful, adept, discreet, polite, politic, prudent, sensitive, subtle.

The above adjective and 2 nouns sum up the subtle meanings of diplomacy. Antonyms include: awkwardness, clumsiness, ineptness, tactlessness, thoughtlessness. - Impolitic, insensitive, rude, tactless, thoughtless, undiplomatic, unsubtle.
American Diplomats, and some others, have got the wrong end of the stick. They appear to be doing the exact opposite of what diplomacy requires, and they still expect to be loved?!

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  1. Once again the great US of A shows their true colours . Just what they think of the rest of our tiny world.