Monday, 8 November 2010

Simply a battle between Strictly and the X Factor?

Strictly is compulsive viewing.  If you watch for approx. half an hour you'll get sucked in. Don't. This programme as with so many others on the tele is addictive but entirely vacuous, conducted almost entirely for 'stars' to boost their flagging careers. The professional dancers are true to their title, and their short displays amidst the froth of bright and gaudy sequined dresses is artful and of high quality. The 'oldies', though not the best dancers are still strutting their stuff after several weeks of the competition.  Why should that be?  I think it's because their professional partners are the popular ones, and these are the male professionals.  They get the male and the female votes. These men are all great dancers - Brendan  Irish Mr. Nice Soft Guy, Vincent  has the Italian WOW factor, Patsy Kensit's partner (can't remember his name) is over the top camp, Anton who partners Widdy is a great dancer and such a gentleman! James makes up for his overly ambitious temperament with his tall good looks. So there you have it, people watching can be fun, but are viewers simply being manipulated in order to enhance BBC ratings, their horns locked like stags at bay in battle with the totally excruciating X Factor programme on the other side?

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