Tuesday, 9 November 2010

X President Bush thinks torture is ok!

In The Times today George  Bush expresses his opinion on torture, the Iraq war, lack of weapons of mass destruction etc etc.  Is he suffering from a guilty conscience?  Is it possible that he is trying to burnish his image? Too right!  Pity he's not a Roman Catholic, then he could enter that little wooden tardis and say he was sorry for all his sins and be forgiven.  Then he might feel better, and not have to wring his hands in public in the Times newspaper. He will never be forgiven in my eyes.  I fantasize about George Bush and his  henchmen having to suffer a bath full of water boarding, and then say whether they think it is torture or not. I guess he might feel worried about an international case being brought against him for war crimes and/or violation of the laws of armed conflict. Actually I fantasize about getting my hands around his throat.  You bet he was sorry  it transpired there were no weapons of mass destruction. That blew his case for going to war!  The reality is, that he will return to his estate and feel good about himself in a 'Christian' sort of a way. He is convinced it was the 'right thing to do'. Haven't I heard that phrase  before?

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