Friday, 12 November 2010

Women go full circle in their self obsession

Women worked hard and  long to gain the vote. Curiously it was the 1st world war that helped, when women proved they could be useful and  practical , and did not have to exist solely as  a decorative adjunct to  men. By the 1920s women had abandoned the grotesquely restrictive corset,  the huge hats  (sometimes decorated with whole birds), the voluminous clothes, the frills and furbelows.  Women espoused a more natural life, they cycled, skated and swam.  In the 1930s women added enormously to the war effort. They drove trucks, worked on the land and in factories, took part in dangerous missions etc etc. They proved they could work alongside, above, and in support of men. Where did it all go wrong? Now women are obsessed.  Does  my bum look big in this,  are my teeth white enough my nails long enough and the right colour,  am I thin enough, my hair blonde enough, my skin bronzed enough?  Is  my handbag cute or  large enough,  got  the right logo, and are my shoes high enough, my cleavage low enough, and very importantly are my lips full enough, my nose small enough,  my breasts big enough? And the irony is that the female quest for the alpha male is no more for the purposes of procreation, women now want   to postpone that for as long as possible, almost to the point of  no return.   When will women get their priorities right? Full circle, they have the vote,  but  are back to being as counterfeit and useless as they were in the 19th century.

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