Sunday, 7 November 2010

Phil woolas - detestable man gets come uppance

Yesterday Phil Woolas came to grief.  What joy! Best thing that's happened for a long time. Harriet Harman (holier than thou Harriet) was interviewed by Andrew Marr this am on tele. She sat on the edge of her chair  trying to look like little miss goody two shoes, instead looked as if she was nursing a viper in her lap.  I'm not sorry,  but PW has been set adrift by newlabour in the blink of an eye.  HH says she couldn't possibly sanction mps in her party who told untruths in their quest to enter parliament.  What hypocrisy!  When asked about her salacious remarks about Danny Alexander's red hair she shrugged as if that was just water off a duck's back. In my opinion her remarks were tantamount to racist. Her remarks were offensive, very personal and unkind. anti rat, and anti red squirrel (a protected species in Scotland). Did I detect a smigdeon of ginger dye in her hair today?!

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