Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ed Miliband goes for ' The Squeezed Middle'.

Edward Miliband the new leader of the soon to be renewed New Labour party has decided to plump for the 'Squeezed Middle'. The trouble is, that he seems uncertain where the 'Squeezed Middle' actually is. With his left wing family background one would think he'd be plumping for the 'Squeezed Bottom', but being, of course, an ambitious career politician he aims for the greater number of voters. While he was baby cooing, changing nappies these last weeks in his fashionable London house he will have been conducting high powered breakfast think tanks over the toast and marmalade, formulating those 'magic words' 'the Squeezed Middle'! How hard was that?
Politicians are so disingenuous aren't they? - Margaret Thatcher's 'This lady's not for turning' she thought was a triumphant phrase, Macmillan's 'You've never had it so good' only managed to infuriate everyone, Tebbitt's 'Get on Your Bike' was an extreme turn off. Tony Blair, that cheap two-faced vaudeville act and his 'Peoples' Princess' was sick making. Now we have the slogan 'Big Society' from Cameron (who should know better), and most recently Mr. Milibands's incomprehensible (even to him) 'Squeezed Middle'. Politicians are so disingenuous aren't they? How stupid do they really think we are? Remember, Ed's just a new stag on the block.

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  1. More hot air from the puffed up rich socialists