Thursday, 25 November 2010

Blame Margaret Thatcher, then Newlabour

The trains are in a mess. Too many cars on the road. People don't want to travel in buses - except the needy and oaps who get their tickets free. Today we hear that there is going to be an increase in rolling stock - well - by 2019.
That grossly self serving man John Prescott promised, as minister of transport, to get things fixed. He would put the show on the road and public transport would be reborn! Railways would be brought back into public ownership, and oh, transport would be again as if Margaret Thatcher had never existed. Of course nothing of the sort has happened, and a succession of labour transport ministers have muddled along with the same increasingly complicated, incompetent, schizophrenic overcrowded and ultra expensive system. Are we to be saddled with high speed rail or not? We don't know. We know we can't afford it, and could it go the same way as the ill fated tram system in Edinburgh? Probably.
New labour promised the moon (they were all fake promises), now the coalition under the boot of the lobbyists promise other Shangrilas! A nationally owned well run integrated transport system shouldn't be too much to ask for. But when is the good of the British People ever taken into consideration?! Always too many vested interests barking in the wings. As long as mps and dignitaries can travel around in their chauffeur driven limousines, their first class train and upgraded plane seats, they will never experience the horrors of our 'public' transport system. If we could only turn the clock back to the days of a state run railway system. It wasn't perfect but it belonged to us, and we all had a stake in improving it. Margaret Thatcher has a lot to answer for!

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