Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3 of Newlabour's best get booted before a jury,and another bounces back.

Three apparently erring Newlabour politicians  have finally lost their appeal to get their hearing held  under the jurisdiction of the H  of C. They will now have to face a jury.  Curiously I can remember feeling that Morley was quite a decent guy, so whether he and the two others are any worse than the rest remains to be seen.  With a maximum sentence of 7 years they will be shivering in their shoes.
Phil Woolas (detestable little man)  is still giving everyone the run around, mainly due to Harriet Harman jumping the gun and stating categorically on Andrew Marr's programme last Sunday that PW was out out OUT!      HH,-  her of the ginger rat/squirrel insult, felt  she  didn't have to hear the opinions from the Labour party members first, but pronounced his guilt off her own back on national tv.  That should have been the end of Mr. Woolas.  But oh no!  He keeps coming back. The £500.000   pension pot, and generous  financial  'parting package' he'll get just isn't enough for Mr. Woolas.  I expect Mr. Jack Dromey was behind HH's  pronouncement,  and on radio 4 yesterday he yoked Ed Milliband into the decision which was a super crafty move. NewOldLabour are in a bit of a mess and now not in any position to coherently fight the Conservatives.  Ed Milliband, with a new baby screeching in his ear, Harriet screeching in his ear, and Labour mps screeching in his ear,  will be enjoying his paternity leave, I don't think.

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  1. down and out in London not Paris10 November 2010 at 18:18

    The New Labourites deserve each other -seems there IS justice in this world