Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday ruined by religion, and Balls, and Gove

Leaning over to switch on BBC radio 4 at c6am, and really looking forward to the tail end of the world service followed by the Today programme I am immediately reminded that today is Sunday - Ouch! and I am plunged into a temporary depression. We live in a secular society, the BBC should be both secular and neutral. But no, the establishment insist we should be pumped with the fanciful thoughts and sad gloomy music of the country's religious face. Why? If people want to follow their religion they should be given a dedicated BBC programme then they could have religion 24 hours a day, and it wouldn't have to be forced upon the rest of us (probably the majority), who don't believe in god. In state schools the same applies. Some sort of prayer/ song/or dedication must be perpetrated before commencement of lessons. Why? Who says so? In this wondrous democratic society to ask the people would be out of the question! The Church of England has always set a good example. Give a mild religious vaccine when you are young, coat it in delightful little ancient English church with some charming hymns, and hey presto! one is free from religion's yoke for ever. Get them young is every religion's watch word. Infiltrate and brain wash early because the human mind finds it very hard to break free later.
On Andrew Marr's 9am signature tv programme we were confronted with a double delight, Ed Balls and M Gove. The aggressive Balls is still poking his index finger and exclaiming 'look'! He now thinks that the anti-terror detention law for 28 days was a step too far. Well, why didn't he say so at the time? M. Gove -no more likable, should have his lower lip reduced in size.


  1. Anyone who is awake before 9am on a Sunday deserves every fucking thing they get...

    And would people still stop making that very elementary mistake that 'Britain is a secular society..' - er, sorry, you are confusing us with the United States of America.

    We have an Established Church [That F. D. on the coinage, and the presence of the Bishops in the House of Lords should give you a bit of a clue..] whereas America does not.

  2. Boring boring old BBC

  3. The world service can be accessed all day online or on a digital radio,
    and saves one from the horrors of Sunday mornings on Radio 4......