Wednesday, 24 November 2010

THE wedding gets tiresomer and tiresomer

Not into December yet and we are already being bombarded with inane news about the lovey dovey royals! They are to be married in Westminster Cathedral we hear. Cost will be about £5bn! How can a wedding possibly cost as much as 5bn?! I find this sum an obscene amount to spend on a wedding. AND, because it will take place on April 29th and the nation will be given a bank holiday near Easter (so that we can drink in the pageantry!) businesses will be closed for all but 3 days between April 22nd and May2nd. We must be living in a fool's paradise. The country has hit the buffers, the cupboard is bare, and we will be contributing a massive sum that we can't afford, to a marriage that will probably go the way of most marriages, down the drain. But fear not, Mr.and Mrs. Middleton,- the bride's parents, are going to chip in. I wonder how much of the £5bn they will be coughing up? Perhaps the dress and the cake? Today is the 24th of November, cheer up, only 5 months to go!
This wedding is going to get a whole lot more tiresome before it's over, such a consolation that the Prince and his fiancee are going to take complete control. You bet they are.

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  1. I think therefore I am24 November 2010 at 19:24

    yes be very afraid.....