Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Selfish students have nothing to say....

Students, despite the cold weather are out messing up the streets again. Born to a generation of spoilt parents, these students think the world and everything in it belongs to them. If they can't get what they want they're going to behave like the spoilt brats they are. Scweam and scweam, stamp their feet and scweam again for it. If only they were demonstrating for something worthwhile!
There ARE the most terrible injustices in this big bad world, plenty of injustices to demonstrate about, but it ain't student fees! Students demonstrate for themselves alone. They should start looking outside themselves, get things in perspective, look at the bigger picture, start caring and thinking about others who are really really suffering.


  1. It is good for anyone to have the opportunity to demonstrate their feelings, whether we agree with them or not. There are lots of students who are demonstrating against the removal of Education Maintenance Allowance, which enables those who come from poorer backgrounds to pay for their transport, meals etc at colleges and schools which have the course they want. It is especially aimed at those 16 to 19 year olds who would otherwise be denied further education.

  2. Selfish self self self oh I do wish I could feel a little sympathy .HA HA HA ! Get on with it.

  3. To demonstrate against injustice is a right we all should have, anytime, anywhere. Students have said virtually nothing about serious injustices perpetrated by governments during the past years. Why? Have they been asleep? Why don't they empathize with others, and demonstrate on their behalf? Education is of extreme importance, but New Labour raised hopes so that almost everyone felt they had the right to university education. Now, young people are realising that this is not the case, and they feel let down, cheated, and angry. They should reflect on other more serious problems in society, and with the strength of youth fight on their behalf, and not behave rather like spoiled brats.
    Lib dems who promised not to raise the cost of university education should stand by their promise.