Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Whatever next? Cows factory farmed in Lincolnshire?!

Thousands of cows are threatened with life in one large shed in Lincolnshire. No more grass for them to munch and ruminate in their specially adapted digestive system that includes four stomachs. They will see virtually no daylight, never commune in open green fields. They are to become, like the grossly misused chicken and pig purely exploited money making machines for the farmer. Those to be incarcerated in this ginormous shed are a specially chosen (engineered) breed, one that will produce the maximum amount of milk. We are told their lives will be wonderful, they will want for nothing, there will be a vet at there beck and call. They will not even have to experience the cold or the dark! They will be fed a good substitute for grass of which a large proportion will be natural fodder and specially 'balanced' to suit their needs. Oh! the pleasure of life as a factory farmed cow! The gigantic shed is to house 8.000 cows. In America - where the idea comes from (don't you know), the farmers can pack in even more. One consolation for the poor cow if the planning application goes through, is that it's normal life span of 25 years will be reduced to about 5.

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  1. down and out in London17 November 2010 at 20:22

    Is there no depth to which some people won't sink to make money? I really hope councillors will have the kindness and courage to prevent this ever happening in Britain.