Friday, 19 November 2010

Lord Young jumps in with both feet.

Lord Young the prime minister's new adviser has put the cat amongst the pigeons, and now the fur is really flying! Ms Eagle, new labour's queen of sour has risen inevitably to the occasion. "How dreadful"! she dryly exclaims, "David Cameron is all over the place. How shocking to even suggest," she says `a la Mr. Macmillan, "you've never had it so good". Politicians are all cut from the same cloth . The opposition wait on the side lines for a mistake made by the other side, then jump in to have a good old snipe,even Ed Miliband popped up from his baby break to squeak ineffectually at the government. In fairness people in general ARE better off. More people own their own homes, have more than enough white goods, more than enough food, satellite dishes, and flat screen tvs etc etc, their mortgage payments are kept historically low due to very low interest rates.But the tactlessness of announcing this to all and sundry with noises of clinking glasses and clattering plates going on in the background beggars belief! Lord Young has now resigned. David Cameron should mind his ps and qs, this is the second faux pas he's made in a matter of days. A cat has 9, how many lives does a prime minister have?

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