Saturday, 20 November 2010

That tiresome wedding.

Does anyone really care who marries who, what, where, in the royal family? We all know now that Camilla,- queen in waiting - thinks the proposed marriage between "big willie" and "babykins" is wicked. Personally I agree with her, though I suspect she is using the word in its 'avant garde' sense, whereas I am using the word wicked to mean, well, wicked. What the ill fated Kate wears when she walks up the aisle, who the designer is, what colour the taffeta, and how much she is contributing to the economy by having it made and designed in Britain, matters not a jot. I'm totally sick already with the pages of photographs of every nuance of every glance, and all the insane paraphernalia of stupid newspaper stories. Giving Diana's engagement ring to Kate Middleton was a big mistake,- haven't the royal family had enough bad luck? The two royal sons aren't exactly exemplary examples of decent young manhood. Well, Prince Harry did spend a couple of days in Afghanistan, or was it Iraq? These army visits were sandwiched between visits to clubs followed by drunken taxi rides home, generally with a bottle attached to each hand, his elder brother never far behind. Now from time to time they both appear resplendent in military uniforms, so they must be ok?! Prince Charles has done wonders with his garden, done wonders with his Duchy Originals, I'm sure Camilla will make a wonderful queen. So can we please get on with our financially restricted lives free from the trauma, expense, and hoo-ha of another royal wedding.

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