Monday, 15 November 2010

Annie Lennox proves my point about the poppy

What a kerfuffle going on about Annie Lennox and her appearance last night on 'Strictly' when she appeared with  the red twisted  aids symbol on her lapel instead of the ubiquitous poppy.  She's a pacifist, I'm a pacifist, but I'm darned if I'm going to wear the same symbol as Mr. Blair, Mr.Brown. Mr. Cameron, and  co. who voted for the illegal war v Iraq. The poppy represents the dead from the 1st world war,  the 2nd, and all wars when men were conscripted to fight in defense of their country.   These 'leaders' degrade the symbol,  turning the fragile poppy and their laying of wreaths at the cenotaph into part of their  propaganda machine.  For instance, they have absolutely no intention of stopping the war in Afghanistan.
The poppy is sold to raise funds for the servicemen from those earlier wars who were damaged in mind or body. One can give money to this fund without wearing  a poppy. I can still remember a time when only a few people bought poppies, now it's de rigueure, and one can expect to be castigated if   one doesn't wear one. Ah me! thanks to newlabour we have   a new phenomenon  -   the politically correct police.

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  1. Interestingly, my husband who fought in WW2 would not wear a poppy for remembrance ever.......