Thursday, 23 December 2010

Super Markets?...nasty business.

Panorama on BBC tv last night came up trumps with an almost in depth programme about the 4 biggest supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys. Quite a denouement!
The programme went into the various aspects of factory farming, cut prices (to the detriment of smaller farmers), land grab and the bribery involved in gaining planning permission, false labelling, etc etc. Probably the worst aspect of their businesses is their desire to dominate almost every area of shopping. They want, in fact, to set up new towns out of town, so that the original town with its small specialist shops is totally destroyed. These voracious supermarkets want to gobble up everything in sight, and go hang the rest!
Probably the most scary aspect of the way these businesses are run is their total disregard for the natural lives of animals. They consider animals are machines, - See November blogs 'Battle for the Sanity of our Cows....', 'Whatever next?...Cows factory farmed in Lincolnshire....'. These blogs give details of the proposed factory at Nocton in Lincolnshire where thousands of cows are to be locked up in sheds and literally milked to death. This proposal is an outrage and should be fought at all costs!
It is up to government and councils to stop taking bribes, keep these outrageous supermarket businesses in check, and cease giving planning permission for more.


  1. The caring supermarket,I don't think so.The only thoughts are profits,profits,profits and more profits.Why don't we just factory farm humans or isn't that what governments doing already.Give them cheap food ,booze rubbish television sky sport,!

  2. I think therefore I am24 December 2010 at 02:21

    Well said -yes maybe they would like to put their customers into a big factory block as well -so all they have to do is feed the goods in and extract money out at the other end with minimum effort and maximum profit for them?