Thursday, 16 December 2010

Julian almost out.......abortion nearly in, a modicum of Winter cheer!

Julian Assange is ALMOST out on bail! fingers up to Sweden. His supporters are now planning a low tech onslaught of leaflets and posters for the streets on the 18th December - 'Project Paperstorm'. Trust it will be a great success.
The European Court of Justice has set the wheels turning, and after nearly 20 years of resistance to allowing abortions in Ireland, the Catholic Church may have to change its ways. Primitive Catholic laws prevent women from having abortions even if their lives might be put in danger from not having one. These laws were put in place by men -Priests, but many women have gladly supported them, such is the high standard of brain washing in the Catholic Church! Let's hope that this EU ruling will act as the foot in the door, the thin end of the wedge. The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church is mind blowing.

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  1. Good comment.freedom of information,must be kept free the people own the state!!! All information that you own the state has access to and is storing it to use against in the future .Don't trust those lieing crooks. It doesnt matter what religion they are all barking remember they have all believe in their imaginary friends??