Friday, 24 December 2010

Popery on the BBC

The BBC appear to have a religious, a catholic itch. This morning radio 4 couldn't stop talking about the impending 'thought of the day' talk by the Pope. Why do the BBC want to inflict this catholic religious mumbo jumbo on us?
Somebody at the top of the BBC must be secretly very religious to have succumbed to this catholic lobbying. Who is it? There was no mention of the thousands of people who must have 'phoned in to complain.
Priests in the catholic church have committed untold damage, and the hierarchy have consistently failed to take a firm stand against the paedophiles in their midst. The Pope is simply using the BBC to massage his and the catholic churches image.
Yuk! we don't all pay our licence fee to have our ears assaulted by religious fairy stories. We pride ourselves on living in a secular society. BBC take note!


  1. A true and accurate statement .That creepy little man in his white robes and expensive red slippers,living in his palace where his every wish is satisfied.Telling those poor Catholics how lucky they are to have him because he is in touch with his imaginary little friend !!! Remember he is the holy father and he has a direct line to ?

  2. Found one place on the Guardian website where you can vote as to whether you would listen.....81% plus would not, and only 13% would...guess the rest are dinnae knows. That was the only mention anywhere that there were many who did not want to listen to his drivel...

  3. Can you believe that now in the 6 o'clock news on radio 4, they are still presenting this as so-called news. There must have been so much news more important to what is happening regarding the dangerous face off between the two Koreas???