Friday, 10 December 2010

Students again, this time it's serious.....

There must be something in this country that stinks if such a large number of discontented youth have found it necessary to take to the streets. Students are merely half grown adults at the idealistic age when they suddenly realise that the world isn't exactly as they would like it to be.
This generation grew up mainly during the cossetted but corrupt Newlabour years when everything was promised, everything spent, nothing achieved, and their parents could have it all, and did. A golden horizon was rolled out before them, and not surprisingly they bought into this scenario. Sadly, in a way, for them, they have never experienced struggle, felt responsibility, or learnt the value of anything. They move into the adult world and learn for the first time that the structure of society is inequable. Huge remnants of the privileged ruling classes remain, and unfortunately these remnants are pretty well represented throughout the present government, throughout journalism, the judiciary etc.
We live in a multicultural society whether we like it or not, but the government, who were responsible for this have never made sufficient allowance for the fact, and now society is riven by the joint massive inequalities of education, money AND race.
Our leaders are so predictable, pronouncing vehemently against the students, (sorry, 'young thugs')- "we will clap them in irons, string them up, mow them down" they cry
as they hold hands with their best pals the police. Not a moments reflection on the reasons we got here in the first place, and the fact they are mainly to blame!
Extraordinarily into this melee sail Prince Charles in full evening dress and a bejewelled Camilla, lit up for all the world to see in their full on Bentley - or was it a Rolls Royce? A veritable 'Louis and his Antoinette' moment!
There is a hidden stink in this country. The students are merely the symptom, not the disease.


  1. The Royals ,shocked stunned well its about time they came into realworld we sans cullots live .It's time the state scroungers got of their magic carpet and walked in the real streets with us .!!

  2. Apparently Charles "beamed and spoke kindly to the demonstrators" until told sharply to shut his window by accompanying polis! Bet that didn't work for the French guys!

  3. I think therefore I am10 December 2010 at 18:05

    Is sleeping Britain finally waking up from its NewLabour-induced hypnotic trance?

  4. 95% work to keep the 5% in the life style their accustomed too, including the government. Simple, just don't vote for them. They are not in control anyway. Big business is. "Just keep investing in china"