Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Morrissey and Marr (not Andrew), men with principles

Thank god for Morrissey! He was right to publish a 1,224 word attack on the Prime Minister for supporting foxhunting, shooting, and stag hunting, and at the same time support the Smiths. His ex guitarist Johnny Marr forbade David Cameron on twitter to 'like the Smiths'.
The gun happy establishment still find pleasure in shooting and hunting all manner of defenceless animals. Pheasants are artificially reared so that the rich can get their sadistic fix from shooting them down when they are artificially 'beaten' in to the sky. (pheasants are not naturally good fliers). This activity must help to make them feel like 'real men'. Rich landowners make pots of money from rearing the pheasants and conducting the shoots. It doesn't seem possible that this barbarous behaviour still happens in 2010!
The Royal family lead the way. The two boys, Wills and Harry, are never far from a gun, or a bottle or can of alcohol, and now the prospective new in-laws the Middletons have to prove their salt and learn how to handle a shot gun! Prince Charles, the oh so green and pure Charles of 'Duchy Originals' fame, well, he likes a 'good' killing too. Now we see a photograph of that despicable ugly red neck Sarah Palin clutching the horns on the raised head of a beautiful caribou that she has just shot. She has the nerve to say Julian Assange has blood on his hands!
Morrisey's songs sum it up to perfection, 'Meat is Murder', and 'The Queen is dead'!

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  1. The Palin thing the thing that the land of the free could vote for please save the planet from these redneck freethinkers.! Alas the threat from these humanbeings go and on .Don't worry about death disease or famine fear these Christian nutcases!!