Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Politicians are 'shite', pure 'shite'.

From a young age politicians  nostrils sense the odour of power.
Despite their protestations of being 'oh so benevolent', of going into politics 'to make a difference', of 'offering something to society', their only ambition is to gain power.
Margaret Thatcher built an organisation that had 'ideal ends' and therefore an excuse for the love of power. This inevitably produced a superiority, a ruthlessness and an  unscrupulousness. The Tories have at least got it written on the front of the tin. They want to privatise, we know that. That's what they do.
The Newlabour party (euphemism for Tory party) fooled the people because they thought Thatcher's wholesale privatisation of the utilities, the railways, telephones, sale of the council houses etc would be rolled back, and some of the excesses of her 'reign' would be rectified. The utilities etc would be returned to the people who owned them in the first place. But no such luck! The NHS was 'got at', privatisation by creep was the order of the day.
Politicians are like that, they promise the moon when they are asking for your vote, but renege as soon as they get it. Worst of all these Newlabour champagne so called 'socialists' live the high life, do the deals, work the room, collect their kickbacks, and their swollen expenses. The ex Newlabour Prime Minister Tony Blair, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson, the architects of Newlabour have a lot to answer for!
So the word shit/shite/schite, an ancient and beautiful Anglo-Saxon word perfectly describes all types of politicians whether from the left, right or centre.

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  1. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.!!!! Nut there is worse to come .I've just seen a group of those corrupt plumptious self serving grasping greedy BASTARDS still with their noses in the trough.They have been elevated to the house of lords .What can you say .!!!!