Monday, 6 December 2010

BBC and Strictly awful!

BBC Prime time television is now dominated on Saturday, Sunday, and slots throughout the week by that cheap jack, utterly crass programme Strictly Come Dancing. Millions of sequins are sewn onto bad taste costumes, and that's just the men! Many of the over decorated dresses are virtually non-existent, and the beauty of being natural is never taken into consideration. Why are these women, and men, addicted to smothering themselves in that strange orange colour? Well, I suppose it hides a multitude of sins. So, thousands and thousands of £s of our hard earned licence fee is sqaundered on this obscenity of a programme. Don't the BBC understand that we aren't all in thrall to populist programmes that pander to the lowest common denominator? Strictly Come Dancing with its costs and time schedules means programmes of a higher quality don't get a look in. The gruesome panel of judges, drunk on their own power, make inane comments pretending all the time that SCD is a serious dancing programme! It is public entertainment stupid! I'm up my own ass and oh so camp Greville -- needs a good kicking, Len Goodman - he of the high and mighty patronising remarks will be feathering his own nest, Alesha-- gets stranger and stranger with each passing week, she thinks she's so beautiful, but she's all fake. Last but not least Bruno. He doesn't bother to hide his attraction toward male contestants, and shrieks and flaps about like a demented chicken about to lay an egg. Tess Daly, boringly glamorous, and that Juliet Greco lookalike Claudia W should be carted out and dumped somewhere. Not a word against Brucie (but why does he have to have so many hangers on? Give us the cost BBC! Under the Freedom of Information Act the BBC are obliged to tell us the total cost , and the ins and outs of the voting system. At the moment votes are cast but no one knows the numbers or how the judges' scores are counted in relation to the people's vote. The BBC are obliged to come clean particularly as a lot of money is riding on the results. Widdy and Anton, a joy to watch, are out. Ann gave the judges a run for their money. Well done Ann and well done Anton!

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  1. As the viewers ( shareholders) should know .You have no say in this trough of gold!!