Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Sunday!

Another Sunday morning! Oh god! 3 hours without radio 4 because it's wall to wall religion. Then it's a choice between Paddy O'Connell on radio 4 (slightly uplifting, but over in the blink of an eye), and Andrew Marr - (no great shakes) where this morning Ms Chakrabarti - (still hanging onto the coat-tails of Liberty) is on the red couch with Mr Parrish - (super soft fake 'posh' spoken right wing tory). Incongruous mix one might think, but their thoughts almost merged as one as they tiptoed through the pages of violent, hyped, and exaggerated news stories, finding almost nothing to say. She wasn't interested in Julian Assange but managed to squeeze in a strong plea for a Rebecca somebody who is a contestant in that vile show X Factor! Makes you want to cry. Chakrabarti should have been replaced as Director of Liberty years ago, and as for Parrish he's just an olden time joke , isn't he?
Two 'decent Johns' Denholm and Major strutted their stuff from the red tub chairs, then D Alexander without a bat of an eye defended the coalition and all it stood for as if he had drunk their mantra with his mother's milk.
But, on a higher level ........ the last of the dinosaurs the birds, still circle overhead. Small flocks of pigeons rush between the chimney pots, the odd huge seagull skids to a halt on the top of one, and rooks walk about the slates on their 'wooden legs' chatting and pecking and arguing in the gutters. They are a joy to behold!


  1. Another nail hit on the head with this blog. Why is it the BBC brings on these useless self important flatulent windbags .One a thatcherite today the other a feeble human rights activist ? Cosiing up to Mr chief constable of the met.How she sympathized with that useless plod. How tough it must be carrying all that silver and braid on his hat and uniform .why is it all top cops get titles ? Is that the pay off for looking after the boys.!!!!! Get the cop out on the street.

  2. Have you SEEN wot they do when out on the streets?!?!