Saturday, 18 December 2010

Janet Daley,......... who the hell does she think she is?

What a rude awakening this morning when Janet Daley, that monstrous opinionated American woman journalist shouted down John Pilger and Sara Montague the interviewer in a discussion about Wikileaks on Radio 4 Today programme!
As usual the BBC were incapable of conducting a civilised balanced interview, and Sara Montague allowed the conversation to get completely out of control.
The discussion was between John Pilger a renowned thoughtful journalist and Janet Daley, an American loud mouth journalist. The women behaved intolerably, and the discussion descended into a shouting match between them with John Pilger in the middle hardly getting a look in. Who cares about her partial American thoughts anyway?

Because, for the moment, the US is top dog, and has been bullying its way around the world for a long time there will be plenty of leaks about them and their undiplomatic diplomacy. There are plenty of other injustices Wikileaks has exposed but that old American fish- wife Ms Daley isn't in the slightest interested in these. Methinks she doth protest too much! Having lived in Britain since 1965 she thinks we care about what she thinks, just because she went to Berkeley in the 1960s doesn't give her carte blanche to shout everyone down at some unearthly hour in the morning, and in defence of the indefensible!

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  1. I listened to same interview.According to that mouthpiece for freedom and American choice. Ha Ha We are all loonies who believe in that madcap conspiracy theory.Now I wonder why that should be ? That despicable bullying country makes up the law as it wants and then cries foul when someone fights back.Let them fester in their filthy hipocrasy they deserve everything they get.!!!