Monday, 13 December 2010

All Thatcher's children? What an insult!

It 'appears' we are all now children of Thatcher!
Under Thatcher's dictatorship British society was taken by the scruff of its neck and moulded. Never mind if we wanted our country re-shaped or not, she pushed on "..this lady's not for turning" she brazenly stated. How true! She believed she was on a crusade and by strength of character would force society to go along with her. She gained confidence, and financed a lot of her changes with the money that poured in from Scottish oil. The miners' strike was an outrage, and she got away with it, then she hobbled the unions (they did need some regulation), she then went on a mass privatisation kick. Railways, water, gas, telephones, council houses, and the rest, all sold off. She seemed to have forgotten that all of them belonged to us. People were wooed by short term gain in the form of shares, but it was her cronies and big business that gained in the end.
When Newlabour arrived we all thought things would be different. Wrongs would be righted, utilities etc restored to state ownership,- they DID promise, but we were sadly and quickly disillusioned! Thatcher's children? that was Tony Blair and the rest of Newlabour, and they managed to take us on another even ghastlier journey!

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  1. Thatchers anything never never. That Tory did unspeakable things ,to sell of the water systems lifes basic foundation was outrageous at the time .But it was only the start sell sell sell was the gospel .We got rid her and her regime .Only to get the next bunch of useless failed dribblers.New Labor !!! They continued to do more damage . Now another bunch of unqualified amateurs asking us to trust them ? Just watch them fatter and richer on your blood sweat and tears.