Friday, 3 December 2010

Less Football, less Blatter

£15 million poorer, the three wonder boys and their entourage return. They were shafted by 22 aging members of FIFA's executive committee. They were naive to think they stood a chance.
It wasn't Panorama or The Sunday Times that did for them, it was the endemic corruption that invariably swirls around large amounts of money.
Football has been totally undermined by its own financial success. Long gone are the days when fathers and sons supported their local club, and great footballers earned 30 bob a week. Now mindless over paid 'star' footballers shift about the world being bought and sold like slaves. Fans are milked and taken advantage of, too witless to realise the power they hold. The beautiful game has fallen into disrepute, and it's about time football put its house in order, before it's too late , - if it isn't already.

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  1. Thank goodness we have lost the boring world cup.We won't have to up with the hype, hip hip foray!!!!