Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Interview J Assange and John Humphreys, ...... awful

Radio 4 Today programme sank to a new low this morning. John Humphreys interview with Julian Assange was outrageous! It was conducted in a prurient and intrusive manner. It was aggressive and suggestive, and not in the least balanced. Why doesn't John Humphreys take on a real villain? Tony Blair for instance, who has been responsible for the deaths of thousands, and I can think of many other criminals in public life who could be given a good grilling. Good old BBC, go for the soft sensationalist target! The guy is doing us all a service by lifting up stones so we can see what's underneath. If governments had nothing to hide (that's what the powers that be are always telling us when they want to bring in more authoritarian surveillance), then why should they worry? 'They do not like it up 'em,' do they? Sarah Montague sounds more like a cackling hyaena every day, is she on drugs?


  1. I think therefore I am21 December 2010 at 13:11

    An appalling BBC "interview" - patronising, presuming and intrusive. What a waste of a precious chance to speak to Julian Assange.

  2. Boring interview .John Humphries is getting old.Time to start feed him some vitamins.You are right about the criminals sorry state criminals who should be in the dock .Blairs toadying cabinet ,those that held up their grubby little grasping hands for the war .Trust me I know its right to kill innocent people to set them free from a dictator .I am the reverend tony the twister.!!!