Thursday, 27 January 2011

Male Fashion, when men were men? 1941

The 2nd World War was well underway when this French fashion plate of 1941 showing 2 men in their holiday outfits was drawn. They look  blithely unaware! 
Suave in a white tailored jacket with diagonally striped tie,  matching hankie  in top pocket,  banded  panama,   white suede shoes and  navy wide bottomed trousers, one man holds his cigarette nonchalantly as he poses on holiday,  probably in a fashionable resort in the  South of France.
The other sports a short sleeved linen safari jacket, fluffed up neckerchief, shorts and a pair of white open sandals. He nonchalantly cradles a pipe in his right hand.
These men obviously think they look the part!

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