Friday, 7 January 2011

Dream Pharma, a British scandal!

Mehdi Alavi runs his business  'Dream Pharma'  from a rented premises behind the Elgone Driving Academy in Acton,  West London.  His business name  'Dream Pharma',  is not an entirely appropriate name, under the circumstances!
Mr. Alavi has recently sold drugs to a state prison in Arizona for the execution of a convicted criminal ,Jeffrey Landrigan, (enough for several further  executions),  for £4,253, though his website  tells you he is "dedicated to the health care of the public."
This  information  has been  released under the freedom of information act.
Vincent Cable has been slow off the mark in dealing with the scandal.  He was notified on December 16th, but has done very little to make sure this export of drugs never takes place again. Mr. Cable took plenty of time to practice his dancing skills for that inane programme 'Strictly Come Dancing'.  His son is  involved in the well -funded centre for Technology in Singapore, so perhaps Mr. Cable's attitude is more lenient than it should be?


  1. Another useless politician full of piss and wind The Vincent of cable was going to sort out the banks.Ha Ha Ha he could bring down a government ,and now it looks like he has missed an opportunity to tell the land of the free where to get off.

  2. "Dream Pharma" ......hmmmm...... There seem to have been a lot of sickening euphemisms lately.