Sunday, 30 January 2011

Egypt ......a child's view

Map of Ancient Egypt and their Gods drawn and painted by a young child.
The approximately 79 million people of Egypt live mainly by the Nile,- the c40,000 square kilometres where the only arable land is found. Half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas, in the densely populated centres of Cairo, Alexandria, and the other major cities of the Nile Delta. Egypt is now one of the most highly developed and diversified countries in the Middle East with tourism, agriculture, industry, and science.
For more than 3,-000 years the independent city-states along the river Nile united to form one long thin country ruled by one King, or Pharaoh. The Old Kingdom period was famous for its pyramids,and for 30 centuries Egypt remained the foremost nation in the Mediterranean world, but in 332BC when Alexander arrived he heralded the end of the Egyptian way of life. The unique Egyptian culture then became buried between successive layers of Greek, Roman, and Arabic tradition, and all knowledge of Egypt's past was lost.  Only the magnificent stone monuments with their unreadable hieroglyphic texts survive as silent witnesses to a long-lost civilisation, and  to the present day thousands of people are drawn to the study of these, their beauty, skill, and mystery, and to the indefinable feeling that the Ancient Egyptians perhaps lived then the near-perfect life.


  1. All the great civilisation come and go .That's the way of the world so why is it the US OF A agais interfereing ? The sooner the the land of greediest goes into decline the better for the planet and the rest of the universe!!

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