Tuesday, 18 January 2011

'Apples of Gold', Perth, Scotland, 1910.

Perth and area were one of Scotland's premier apple growing areas particularly between Perth and Dundee  dating back at least 800 years. Old Scots apples were grown with wonderful names like 'Lass o'Gowrie', 'The Tower of Glamis', and the 'Bloody Ploughman'!
Apple growing was a big industry in the 19th century when the estate at Grange, for instance, had more than 10,000 trees of which sadly now only one remains. With the introduction of the ubitquitous 'granny smith', and 'golden delicious', and the rise and rise of supermarkets where fruits have to be sized and of an exact standard these wonderful apple varieties have well nigh disappeared. This little book is a collection of thoughtful quotations collected from the people who lived in the main apple growing area of Scotland, 1910.



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