Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sell England's Forests + Woods?......NEVER!

Forest - a wood, woodland, wold, weald, holt, frith or firth defines an area with a high density of trees. These are currently run (in the main) by The Forestry Commission, but the Coalition Government are planning to sell them off!
There is great danger in this policy because in private ownership entry would probably be denied to the general public, the preservation of wild life would be uncertain, (this is what happened when Pennygrove Wood, East Sussex was sold off),  private companies would cherry-pick sites for commercial development, and  voluntary groups would be left to look after ancient woodlands without a budget.
Caroline Spelman  (see this link for more information)  The Secretary  State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs is in charge. She has form - bad form. During the expenses debacle she had questions to answer regarding payments for nannying work, -(nannygate), she reportedly over-claimed hundreds of pounds towards her council tax, and received £40.000 for cleaning bills for her consituency home, but was it her main home?    She co-owns Spelman, Cormack and Associates, a lobbying firm for the food and biotechnology industry with her husband. An axe to grind?
To sell the woodlands and forests would be an act of insane vandalism, but once politicians get their teeth sunk into a proposal it is hard to stop them.  No doubt the lobbying Spelmans have their 'friends' waiting in the wings?
The overwhelming public feeling  is against the government's  plans.  Democracy?  What government ever cared about democracy!        To sign 'Save Our Trees' petition  contact


  1. Never Never Never ! Must these Tories be allowed to even sniff these woodlands ,remember what happens to all the utilities.Those BASTARDS ! Stole them.Your heritage must not be touched remember that thatcher woman ,no creature. This poor country has had nearly all its assets stripped all for our benefit. Ha Ha Ha don't make me laugh !

  2. To the Coalition government and their GRASPING friends - HANDS OFF PUBLIC LAND!!!!! This is a completely outrageous and horrifying idea to sell off our wonderful woodlands and forests.