Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Scottish Recipe book, 1938

The 'Food for Health' recipe book was first published in 1938. It is full of 'healthy' recipes that include a lot of fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, soups, salads, and cheese and bean savouries etc. The book was written by Jessie and J. Eva Thomson who were both practioners of 'Natural Therapeutics'.
Jessie was the wife of  James C. Thomson who founded the Kingston Clinic c1938 in a large house with tower on the Southern outskirts of Edinburgh, (it was built in the Ruskian - Gothic style!)in the c1860s.
They were both well known for their writings on 'Straight Nature Cure' - 'Drug- less healing'.  The Clinic was residential and became well known for its courses on natural healthy living. It operates now from a lodge in the grounds, still promoting 'Nature Cure'. The original Kingston House has since been converted into flats.

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  1. I remember the clinic .I lived next door.The house was large and it had large overgrown gardens .