Friday, 21 January 2011

Ed + Ed, + Gordon? Another Labour disaster.

Ed Milliband  plus Ed Balls , but where is Gordon?!
This gruesome  threesome  ruled government  finances during the New labour  years, and  wrecked them!  No more boom and bust was their watchword.
New Labour  took over a reasonably successful economy from the conservatives then proceeded to 'blouter' money at an alarming rate, mainly diverting funds into the state sector to suit their own voting areas.  They  introduced   a large amount  of privatisation into the NHS,  Gordon Brown espoused the idea of PPPs  (public private partnerships) with great zest, increased the numbers of manager/civil servants at an alarming rate,  ruled over a massive increase in immigration, and a noticeable decrease in the standard of education.
So now the triumvirate are nearly back! It is certain that  in their shared office bully boy Balls will get his way. He is not a pleasant character. Ed Milliband with all his faults, his  uncertainty, his lack of direction, will have a hard fight on his hands if he is to keep the ravenously ambitious Balls (and his scheming 'ladywife') at bay. Cameron and Osborne will have to lift their game v the new shadow chancellor who will be out guns blazing in full bullying attack mode. Will Balls ever apologise for the  calamitous state, with Gordon and Ed Milliband, he got  the country's  finances into?  Not on your life!

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  1. I think therefore I am22 January 2011 at 16:09

    Oh this a bad dream.....Balls as shadow chancellor.....I'm dreading him strutting his stuff in parliament - two Eds are not better than one.......please don't let Gordon come back.....