Friday, 28 January 2011

Indian paintings on mica, c1850.

Indian paintings on mica were mainly produced in the mid 19th century, they were made in sets for tourists imitating paintings on glass.
This series depicts trades people etc.,  other popular subjects were Hindu Gods and Goddesses, religious events, and flora and fauna.
Mica is a transparent mineral  that can be easily split into thin sheets,  and is found widely throughout Southern India, and  because the paint was applied in thick layers, (due to smooth surface and lack of key on the mica),  the paintings  retain their wonderful bright and beautiful  colours.
 (1) A Faquir and his wife.
(2) A Snake Charmer and his wife.
(3) Late Rajah of ?Tangira and his wife.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant little works of art small windows of social history. Made in the same period as those naively carved an painted pull along toys in the shape of tigers ,antelopes and other Indian animals. Absolutely charming .