Saturday, 15 January 2011

Boris Johnson, .........A BROADSIDE!

Boris Johnson,      Mayor of London.

What a fine figure of a man you are Boris! Your unruly albino hair lives a life of its own, thatching a  classically well educated brain.  You are a one off, a man of  high intelligence with a good turn of phrase, and a quick wit. You are both  likeable, congenial and charismatic, a veritable 'leader of men', a huge shambling 'polar bear' of a man. Probably the best leader the Tories never had?
Here the eulogies have to stop. Your weakness may lie with the opposite sex, your high opinion of yourself perhaps  and  your sexual prowess, - only your female companions will know about that, or perhaps it's just a matter of hubris, all men get too big for their boots after a few months of power, and you now have plenty of that!  You are a mere mortal , like the rest of us Mr. Johnson, and don't forget it.
You probably wear braces (metaphorically speaking) like all men to keep your trousers up under the unkempt ubiquitous grey/navy suit you wear, part of your charm are  your ill fitting clothes though the danger is that they  disguise a ruthless determination beneath.  You make mistakes like all men, and recently you have made a very large one.  You have given the nod to the massive potentially dangerous UKCMRI - (UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation).
This gigantic (and I mean gigantic),  and potentially dangerous laboratory is planned to be built in the Borough of Camden - (planning 'say-so'  passed inexplicably by the once amenable and caring council of Camden).  The building  is far too large for the site, it is planned to have several storeys built underground, and be situated right alongside that magically restored (thanks to John Betjeman) international St Pancras Station, more or less right above 6 very busy underground lines, near thousands of people's homes and within very close distance of the new British Library.
The protests have been vociferous, but to no avail.  Boris Johnson was the last desperate port of call  before  the final go ahead for this monstrosity.  He retains a  tight  sycophantic propaganda machine around him, and one wonders if he actually knows what's going on at all as he whirls from meeting to meeting? The  Greater London Authority website  gave such an over the top glowing report of the Laboratory, does  Boris really know what's going on?
He makes out that his whole life is dedicated to the welfare of London, but in this instance  Boris you have slipped up badly!  You and the Camden Council will be held responsible should there be an accident  affecting the health of the people  from leaked pathogens or from terrorism.
Finally, complete transparency in these serious planning matters is essential. Boris talks of transparency but like most of the mumblings that come out of  politicians' mouths- including his rather well educated one - it's  all 'hot air and bubbles'. Boris, we are beginning to find you out, to discover you are a dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing.
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  1. Once again another great move against democracy the great and the self serving leader has decided that your opinions are of no importance.He also cleared parliament square of demonstrators in the name of democracy.One of the first great seats of freedom ,HA HA HA they must be having a laugh !!!

  2. He suddenly doesn't seem amusing any more