Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Monsanto, a huge beast, and a very dangerous one

Monsanto,  the notoriously  aggressive biotech giant  have been caught by Wikileaks with 'their hands in the cookie jar'.
Monsanto was  founded in 1901.  The first product they made was saccharin, the artificial sweetener that  they subsequently sold  to Coca Cola. Monsanto established their first foothold in Europe in Wales where they went into partnership with   Graesser's chemical works. They expanded in the 1920s, and in the 1940s became leading manufacturers of plastics, herbicides,  Agent Orange (a highly carcinogenic defoliant agent  used during the Vietnam War), other artificial sweeteners, and bovine growth hormones.
During the same decade they were involved with the development of the first Nuclear weapons, and in 1944 they commenced manufacturing DDT. After forming a partnership with the chemical giant Bayer they marketed polyurethanes in the US. In 1982 they were the first to genetically modify plant cells. It was during the years 1997 to 2002 that Monsanto moved from chemical giant to biotech giant.  They have,  since 2005,  patent claims on the breeding techniques of pigs,developed the so called 'terminator' seed which requires customers to repurchase seed for every planting, and developed bovine somatotropin, a synthetic hormone introduced to increase milk production. Not a pretty history!
Virtually every chemical  Monsanto have manufactured has been detrimental to human well being and other animals, and  many  have been/are excessively dangerous.  Like a cancer Monsanto attempt to spread and control  the world with their own  deadly variation of  the disease.
Wikileaks have done a good job exposing the American Ambassador for  chatting up the Vatican and generally sucking up to the EU . Thankfully, so far,  those in power in the EU have not succumbed  to their bribes and aggressive lobbying, but Monsanto play a very long game. We must all beware.


  1. It is terrifying that this massively powerful organisation has gained such a stranglehold.

  2. MONSANTO ! Criminal company with no morals the only Target is profit .In the shortened list of horrors they have produced none seem to have been of little or no real good to us but they have always been able to make great profit HOW? Because they have been allowed to buy politicians very cheaply ,who have only got your interest at heart.A LIE !!! They should be stopped but they are like viral infection .The world should fear this disease like the GREAT PLAGUE !!!