Friday, 25 February 2011

Tories are warmongers, and David Cameron is weak.

They say that leopards never change their spots and the Tory Party have just managed to prove that point!
No sooner than the Eygptian 'revolution' starts to settle than David Cameron waltzes into the country and starts nosing about with his killer entourage of Arms dealers and other nefarious business men hungry for new contracts! As if Britain hadn't caused enough damage in these countries already!
These business men form a fraction of the massively honed lobbyists that haunt the corridors of our parliament,  steal away our democracy, and inevitably cause corruption in their wake.
These are dangerous groups, the arms dealers, the huge medical bio-tech manufacturing and drugs groups, the gm and cloning lobbyists, the banking industry, the alcoholic drinks lobby,  there are many more.
Who actually runs the country? Is it parliament anymore? it is certainly not the people. Ministers always seem to have an axe to grind, and laws are never now brought in for the good of the people.
Mr Clegg, despite the problems in the country caused by cut-backs gaily sets off on his hols! He is the Deputy Leader, and North Africa is in a state of turmoil! So while David Cameron gets shuffled around Eygpt by arms dealers, Mr.Clegg (that wet piece of seaweed) goes off skiing with his family, and  the country is left to the articulate fox William Hague!
Parliament is losing out, ministers all have their axes to grind, their lobbyists to feed, the people, through their mps have little say in best decisions for the people. Sadly it won't be any good turning to the Labour Party, because they are exactly the same. Is it time for the people of Britain to get out there and protest?

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  1. Yes - time to tell the government some home truths