Tuesday, 28 October 2014

St Benoit du Sault, some images of a beautiful ancient French village in Indre.

This is a 16th century building altered in the 1920s, now a lovely deco style cafe in St. Benoit du Sault, France, Indre. The interior surprisingly  now in the 1970s' style!  This village is noted as one of the most beautiful in France. Situated in the department of Indre (central France) it is full of 15th/16th century buildings. The town is not spoilt by posh little boutiques or any signs of having 'arrived', it was built on a hill and has spectacular views of the Indre countryside, and looks like a fairytale town as you approach it.
House for sale in village!

Very old dog belonging to the Billards cafe takes his morning walk!.

Street,  St. Benoit du Sault.
Street St Benoit du Sault.

Ancient doors St Benoit du Sault, and mixture of red brick and stone wall.

Ancient painted door, St Benoit du Sault.

Lovely old window with shutters St Benoit du Sault.

Narrow stone passageway St Benoit du Sault.

Ancient tiny stone window St Benoit du Sault.

3 storey house St Benoit du Sault.

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