Monday, 30 June 2014

A hoopoe in my garden!

This bird is a hoopoe, and it is feeding in my garden!     Hoopoes are quite exotic birds.  They have a crown of feathers on their  heads,  a long tapering bill that can be opened when probing into the soil due to a strengthened head musculature , and an undulating flight rather like that of a large butterfly. Their diet includes insects, small reptiles and seeds and berries, and is a solitary forager.    Hoopoes were sacred in Ancient Egypt. 


  1. Shop sold, have retired

  2. Hello John! Many congratulations!!! Now you can do what you like when you like! When are you leaving the shop? Trust we will see you around as usual? Very Best t and j. How did you like the hoopoe?!

    1. The shop has been closed all week for refit and opens as
      4Seasons this Monday 21st July.
      Bright and cheery but no character, more like a pound shop.
      My old staff , Gordon and Pat are still in employment with the new owner Davey McNeil who hails from Eyemouth.
      He is the gentleman who backed out at the last minute last year.
      Hope this finds you and Jim in good fettle.
      Yes I did like the hoopoe