Saturday, 24 March 2012

Look after your corsets! a 1945 suggestion from Mrs. Sew and Sew.

'8 Ways to make Corsets wear longer!'  This little leaflet  was issued by the Board of Trade in 1945  which was just after the 2nd World War  when everything had to be looked after, cared for, and made to last. The Board of Trade dreamed up Mrs. Sew and Sew, and she fronted a series of useful leaflets suggesting ways one could look after and make our clothes last.    She looks more like a peg doll, rather unreal, but she tackles:  'Children's underwear', 'Easy to make slippers', 'How to patch sheets and blankets', 'How to patch a shirt', 'Your Household linen has got to last', 'Every Woman her own clothes Doctor', 'How to reinforce for Extra wear', 'Deft Darns', 'Repairing Men's and boy's clothes...Smarten up your man!', 'How to darn holes...', 'How to patch elbows and trousers', 'How to patch an overall' etc,  In this way the women of 1945 made sure their and their families' clothes lasted. These days cheaply made clothes made from cheaply made artificial  fabrics don't even have the time to get worn before they are binned and replaced with other worthless items!          And we think we are poor!?

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