Tuesday, 23 August 2011

David Cameron loves Tracey Emin and her 'passion'!

Has David Cameron gone soft in the head?  By aligning himself with the 'young' - (Tracey Emin is already nearly 50), will he be nearer to the dispossessed, the young, and the poor?  I think not!
To deface No 10 with one of her 'art works' is sheer folly, Cameron  gets more New Labour by the day. 'More Passion'  says her neon installation, and what exactly does that mean, something and nothing. There are several great artists of the day who've made stunning neon signs, been making them for years, unfortunately these artists  have  gone unnoticed, but that charlatan, that self absorbed adolescent, that so called artist Tracey Emin makes it to Number 10. Incidentally, did she actually make the piece? Her hand writing style says it all!
Far from burnishing his image, David Cameron makes one wonder about his maturity, his ability to hold the most important position in the land.

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  1. Oh dear - embarrassing Downing Street has to have that thing on it- don't they need planning permission for an ugly neon sign?