Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Native Americans

A picture of Chief Hollow Horn Bear, a Sioux  Native American  in his magnificent tribal dress. The Sioux name derives from the French term that translates as enemy. 
A picture of Hector Crawley,  a Stoney (Nakoda) Native American. The Nakoda were a First Nation group indigenous to both Canada and the United States. The name Stoney was given to them by white explorers in explanation of their cooking habits.They are also known as Stone Sioux.  They are now located in Alberta and Saskatchewan
A picture of 2 Stoney Braves dressed in their magnificent tribal clothes,
Pictures taken c1900 - 10,  on the reserve around Calgary 


  1. Another diverse and interesting blog ,please keep them coming .

  2. In Canada, Aboriginals.
    In the States, Native Americans.
    The word "indian" is no longer in use.

  3. Thank you for your comment. Always pleased to learn more particularly about the history of Native Americans. Tolpuddle Martyr - (T.B.)

  4. Interesting. I've never seen these colourized pictures before. Do you have the originals? Do they have writing on the back?

  5. Yes they have writing on the back. These are postcards which I've had in my collection for 20 years plus. Thanks for your interest, Tm - Tb.