Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Prince Andrew.......when is he going to walk away?

Prince Andrew - 'Special Representative for International Trade and Investment'. What a long title for a very foolish bombastic man. He insists on travelling with an entourage of 6, insists on travelling with a 6ft long ironing board so that his valet can press his trousers in the precise manner he is accustomed to! He insists on particular foods, and his water must be served at room temperature.
He isn't paid for his role, though worry not, he receives a handsome income from the Queen viz £249.000. He always stays in the best 5 star hotels, and likes to frequently visit Kazakhstan and mingle with the Gulf Royal families. He receives 'gifts' from the super rich and the Royal that no one else has access to. What ever qualified him for this role? Not academically gifted, he joined the Navy, he learned to fly helicopters,became a commander coming under fire in the Falklands war in 1982.
The details surrounding the sale of his house Sunnyhill Park are still clothed in mystery. The house was sold to one of Kazakhstan's most powerful tycoons, and curiously £3 million was paid over the asking price of £15 million. The house is now virtually derelict. Prince Andrew's cost to the tax payer for his trips is c£600.000. His ex wife was caught in a sting when she suggested she could set up a meeting with the Prince for a considerable sum of money, although he denied all knowledge of the incident. Members of the Royal Family should keep their mouths shut, stop gallivanting around the world at our expense, doing deals with corrupt governments on our behalf that we know nothing about.
(Originally posted on December 4th, 2010)


  1. Things are tough for the royal immortals .But ask how they got to that position ? Murder,rape, theft ,war ,arranged marriages corruption.Nothing new then ?

  2. Gawd save the bloody damned Quean !